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Our Story

We believe fashion is a statement. Its versatility enables you to express yourself in who you are and embolden your life in all sorts of creative and imaginative ways. As you learn who you are, what you want, and what you love, your personal style evolves alongside it. Our designs, while always leaning towards trendy elements, are focused on remaining timeless and of course remaining affordable. A mix of modern embellishments on classic items.

From the beginning though, we saw fashion as a larger opportunity to not only express our creative desires, but also to stand for what we thought was important and where we could have a meaningful impact. A commitment to being cruelty-free naturally meant not using leather in our designs, but to us also meant stepping forward and advocating for animal rights, in particular our beloved cats that will always have our hearts.

From that, came our partnership with Alley Cat Allies, the nation’s leading cat advocacy organization. We are proud to support their work through the donation of five-percent of our profits and lending our voice however and whenever we can.